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Nowadays, due to unhealthy lifestyles, bad eating habits, and poor sleep cycles, the health of ladies affects a lot. Some are facing hormonal imbalance, irregular periods, PCOS, PCOD or facing problems in conceiving which may impact their future life. All this can be maintained by doing physical exercises, proper sleep, and having a balanced diet. But sometimes this is not sufficient when it comes to pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time of rapid growth and development, therefore maintaining good health and nutrition is essential for all ladies. The best method to ensure a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby is to nourish your body with nutrient-dense foods or food supplements.

Bionutrica’s BioPreg is a supplement which can help you before, after and during pregnancy time. Read our blog to learn more about BioPreg, how it helps pregnant women, what essential nutrients it provides and how to use it.

Why Women Need Extra Vitamins During Pregnancy

Vitamin and mineral intake is critical for women of reproducing age’s health, as well as the health of their infants. Early in pregnancy, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause permanent damage to the unborn child. Folic acid supplements, for example, reduce the risk of certain birth abnormalities. Multivitamins aid in the development of the teeth and bones of the newborn.

When you’re pregnant or have a possibility of becoming pregnant, your nutrition and vitamin intake increases two times. During pregnancy, eating a healthy, diverse diet will ensure that you acquire the majority of the vitamins and minerals you require.

But again, taking a regular diet is not enough! In that case, taking extra supplements is essential as well as those should be bio or herbal products which should not affect your fetus. Here Bionutrica’s BioPreg will help you during your motherhood time.

Which Multivitamins are Essential in Pregnancy?

The nutritional requirements for various vitamins and minerals, particularly iron, rise during pregnancy. Many women do not acquire the daily required intake of micronutrients through dietary methods when pregnant.

A prenatal vitamin that contains vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B, zinc, and iodine may also be advantageous. Although all nutrients are vital, the following six are particularly critical for your baby’s growth and development throughout pregnancy:

  • Folic acid
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • DHA
  • Iodine

From the time you find out you’re pregnant until you’re 12 weeks pregnant, taking folic acid every day is a must. This is to lower the chances of difficulties with the baby’s development during the first few weeks of pregnancy. It’s also a good idea to take a vitamin D supplement on a daily basis.

Either you should include every vitamin based food in your diet or take a separate supplement.

In that case, our natural supplement Bionutrica’s BioPreg will help you as it is complete nutritional support for pregnancy care and contains all multivitamins required before, after and during pregnancy.

Overview of BioPreg Supplement

BioPreg provides multivitamins & minerals before, after & during pregnancy. It also supports appropriate blood formation and mother tissues to grow properly and healthily during pregnancy, It also boosts energy production and metabolism in women undergoing motherhood. It is okay to supplement with some micronutrients and herbs while pregnant.

BioPreg comes in a unique package that includes:

  • One multivitamin and a mineral capsule contain key elements to help you stay healthy during your pregnancy.
  • One LipidCapsTM Fish Oil Capsule (DHA & EPA) with SBSTM for low permeability and QNPTM to minimize oxidative degradation and maintain the constituents’ long-term activity.
  • It contains a mineral Capsule with a Multivitamin. Basically, it is a 90-day course method. One BioPreg box has 30 tablets. Two tablets daily you have to take.

Nutritional Facts Present in BioPreg :-

  • It has Folic acid, taking folic acid before and during early pregnancy can help prevent birth defects of the brain and spine called neural tube defects (also called NTDs).
  • It contains nutrients that can help you have a healthy pregnancy
  • It has zinc, which is used before, after, and during pregnancy to help with proper fertility and reproduction.
  • Expert nutrition for Mother and Baby Fish Oil Capsule (EPA & DHA) aids in the normalization of energy production and metabolism.
  • Calcium is a mineral that helps your baby’s bones, teeth, heart, muscles and nerves develop. During pregnancy, you need 1,000 milligrams of calcium each day. This is covered by BiopPreg
  • Tiredness and fatigue are reduced.
  • It has Fertility-Supporting nutrients.
  • It contains Non-GMO Natural Ingredients
  • All the ingredients are Gelatin free
  • If someone is lactose or gluten intolerant then she may also take it as it is Gluten & Lactose free
  • No synthetic colors are used
  • Free of Nano-Particles
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified facility

Why should you take BioPreg?

It’s not merely a good idea to have enough folic acid during pregnancy. Supplementing is beneficial when attempting to conceive. Thus Bionutrica’s BioPreg aids in the conception of a child; enhances the success of fertility treatments and provides you with essential multivitamins before, after and during pregnancy.

Key Nutrients Present in BioPreg

    • DHA & EPA Contributes to the heart’s normal function.
    • Vitamin C helps the immune system operate normally and improves iron absorption.
    • Niacin aids in the alleviation of weariness and exhaustion.
    • Iron aids in the production of red blood cells and haemoglobin.
    • Zinc is important for maintaining healthy bones, hair, skin, nails, and vision.
    • Vitamin B6 aids in the control of hormonal activity.
    • Chromium helps to keep blood glucose levels in a healthy range
    • Calcium Aids in the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.
    • Thiamin aids in the normal functioning of the heart and mind.
    • Iodine is necessary for appropriate thyroid hormone synthesis and thyroid function.

Benefits of using BioPreg

  1. Supports ovulation in a timely manner.
  2. Enhances egg production and quality
  3. Enhances the reproductive system
  4. Enhances the uterine environment for conception
  5. Ensures a successful pregnancy by ensuring healthy implantation.
  6. Prevents miscarriage in the first trimester
  7. Improves the odds of conceiving in women with AMH.
  8. PCOS, PCOD, and Irregular Periods might make it difficult to conceive then BioPreg will provide nutritional support.

Who can take BioPreg?

  • All prior reproductive treatments failed, and IUI and IVF were recommended due to AMH concerns.
  • Issues with egg quality, egg size, and timely ovulation
  • Have you ever had an implant fail?
  • Problems with the uterine lining
  • Want to conceive despite other gynaecological issues such as PCOS, PCOS, and irregular periods.

How to Take BioPreg

In one pack of Bionutrica’s BioPreg, You will get 30 Fish Oil Capsules (EPA & DHA )Take two capsules per day with plenty of water, or as advised by your healthcare provider or gync. Do not consume more than the suggested amount. In addition, depending on the circumstances, your health care practitioner may recommend larger doses of specific nutrients.

How is Bionutrica’s BioPreg Different from Other Supplements?

BioPreg is an innovative, easy-to-use pack that offers a steady supply of critical nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. It’s a combo pack that includes one Multi-Vitamins & Mineral Capsule, as well as a hermetically sealed One LipidCaps Fish Oil Capsule (DHA & EPA) with SBS Band Sealing Technology, which ensures impermeability and improves product stability, and Qualified Nitrogen Protection (QNP), which prevents oxidation of the oil while preserving organoleptic properties and maximizing the stability of the LipidCaps when

In conclusion, I will say that when it comes to conceiving and its complications everybody gets concerned and consults various gynecologists. Bionutrica’s BioPreg goal is to provide the finest possible care for you and your tiny one. Say goodbye to multiple pills as BIonutrica’s BioPreg is one-stop for all pregnancy issues.

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