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Making the decision to have a child is momentous. While, giving birth brings in the essence of creation. It is where the female spirit is bold and courageous, and the body a miracle of wisdom. The journey of pregnancy brings in the feeling of culminating the ultimate joy, called motherhood. 

Get to Know how pregnancy alters your body?

Starting with what happens inside your body – firstly, your brain structure goes through long-lasting changes. “Radical” surges of hormones transform your  mind and body. Your muscles especially in your pelvic region starts to stretch slightly . Your breasts, which don’t fully form until pregnancy, will begin to develop new in preparation for breastfeeding. Your bladder muscle tone may weaken, causing long-time urinary problems. You may become more constipated. While on the outside, there will be visible changes like expanding belly, weight gain. You might have acne flare-ups you never had before, your flat hair will bounce to life and varicose veins will pepper your legs. Also, your areola, labia and moles may darken.

As the woman’s body goes through many transformations during pregnancy, NUTRITION becomes more important than ever. ‘Mothers to be’ should exponentially increase the intake of healthy food that is rich in vitamins & minerals, as these play a vital role in building blocks for human life. According to several research and studies its found that in pregnant women, micronutrient requirements increase more than the dietary energy requirements. Micronutrients constitute essential vitamins and minerals that must be derived from the diet and supplements to sustain all vital cellular and molecular functions. Inadequate maternal micronutrient status has significant potential to adversely affect many developmental processes in the foetus and in the breastfed infant, with both immediate and longer-term consequences. To minimize the risks associated with nutritional deficiencies, even doctors recommend the expecting mothers to not just eat a nutrient-dense diet but also consume prenatal vitamins and supplements. These Prenatal Vitamins and supplements can bridge the gap that exists between nutrients required and nutrients consumed.

Nutrient Guide for expecting Mothers

A combination of balanced diet & supplementation is recommended by doctors for a healthy pregnancy. Folic Acid, Iron & Calcium are most common, while Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E & other important nutrients that are prescribed during and after various trimesters of pregnancy.

  • Folic Acid supplementation is crucial during pregnancy. This is because the Neural Tube forms in the first few weeks of pregnancy, often before the pregnant woman even knows that she’s pregnant. This makes adequate supplementation of Folic Acid very important.

    National Health Service (NHS) recommends that expecting mother must take at least 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day for the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy. This would protect your baby against brain and spinal defects. Folic Acid can protect the baby from cleft lip and palate. It can prevent low birth weight in babies. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, such as heart disease, stroke, some types of cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Calcium has a crucial role to play during pregnancy for both the mother and her baby. Calcium helps with nerve cell function. It helps in development of the baby’s bones and teeth. It contributes to muscle contractions and regulation of hormones. Calcium can prevent pre-eclampsia, pre-term birth, and neonatal mortality. It can prevent the risk of osteoporosis in the mother.
  • Iron is involved in the production of hemoglobin, which in turn is involved in transporting oxygen around the body and also to the baby. Getting enough iron will help you to feel well during pregnancy. It will keep the symptoms such as tiredness, shortness of breath or dizziness at bay.
  • EPA & DHA contributes to the normal function of the heart.
  • Vitamin B6 contributes to regulation of hormonal activity.
  • Chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.
  • Vitamin C contributes to normal function of immune system & increases Iron absorption.
  • Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, hair, skin, nails and vision.
  • Iodine contributes the normal production of thyroid hormones & normal thyroid function.
  • Niacin contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue.
  • Thiamin contributes to normal heart and psychological function.
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Why to choose BioPreg – Multi-Vitamins & Mineral Before, After & During Pregnancy?

Amongst endless lists of prenatal multivitamin and postpartum multivitamin supplements available online and in stores, it becomes daunting to choose the right one, which aren’t a waste of your money rather worth the investment. The right tablets for your requirement should benefit you and your baby instead of providing a false sense of assurance while the deficiencies remain. Therefore, choosing a brand that is backed by science and recommended by doctors is very important.

BioPreg, made in Europe provides the required vitamins & minerals to aid in the physical as well as mental development of the baby, both in the short term & long-term.  It  is a unique and easy-to-intake innovative pack that ensures a supply of essential nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy. It is a combination pack of one Multi-Vitamins & Mineral Capsule, along with a hermetically sealed One LipidCaps Fish Oil Capsule (DHA & EPA) with SBS Band Sealing Technology that ensure impermeability and improves product stability, and Qualified Nitrogen Protection (QNP) that prevent oxidation of the oil and preserve organoleptic properties and maximize the stability of the LipidCaps as compared to regular Omega 3 Capsules. BioPreg improves overall maternal wellbeing before, after and during pregnancy, aiding in early recovery & prevents osteoporosis, hypertension, and diabetes from developing in the future. BioPreg contributes to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy & normal blood formation, also helps normalize energy-yielding & metabolism. Thus, it is an expert nutrition for both mother and the baby.

Moreover, pregnancy is a crucial time that determines your health and the health of your baby. It is important to ensure that you are not compromising with the quality of the nutrition during pregnancy and choose only the best pregnancy supplement (BioPreg) that can adequately fulfil your nutritional needs.

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