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Say Yes to Bionutrica’s BioC Effervescent Tablets for Healthy & Glowing Skin

Everyone adores healthy and glowing skin and thus they are on the top of the skincare routine. Since your skin is your largest organ, you should take good care of it. Generally speaking, radiant skin is regarded as a sign of health and liveliness. Many women feel underconfident due to dull or dry skin. But remember one thing, healthy skin and skin complexion are two different things.

Due to dust, pollution and bad eating habits, skin impairs mostly. You are following numerous skincare routines, and herbal and home-based methods to improve your skin but still not getting any results. This may happen due to the deficiency of Vitamin C.

To achieve healthy and glowing skin, Bionutrica has specially brought a supplement known as BioC that contains the right dose of Vitamin C in the form of Fizzy tablets.

Thus in this blog, you will know about the product – BioC, why you should take it and other health benefits of this supplement.

Causes of Unhealthy Skin

Many people think that being dirty indicates unhealthy skin but it is not true. There are many reasons hidden behind your dull skin. Chronic dehydration, poor nutrition, and poor blood flow are the most frequent causes of poor skin. These elements work together to lessen the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s inner layers. If your health from the inside is not okay means if you are Vitamin and nutrients deficient then general skin health will definitely suffer.

However, a healthy lifestyle is necessary for the skin to operate and appear its best. We always want our skin to seem healthy and radiant, but busy schedules and regular stress can cause the skin to look dull, uneven, and worn out. Check the causes of unhealthy skin below –

  1. Every day, the skin is exposed to contaminants in the air, water, UV radiation, and too much or too little humidity. Therefore the skin is continuously being attacked by environmental dust and pollution which results in damaged skin cells.
  2. Dehydration is one of the major reasons behind dull skin. The skin and organs both become dehydrated when the body is lacking in water. All of the layers of the skin may not get the necessary moisture even if you drink a lot of water if your body is not using it properly.
  3. A bad diet is the most typical cause of unhealthy skin. Overconsumption of meat, processed cereals, dairy, and refined sugars will eventually reduce skin radiance. The general health of people’s skin is also seriously harmed when they pick coffee, soda, and alcoholic beverages over water.
  4. Lack of physical exercise is another reason for poor skin health.
  5. UV light beams have the potential to irritate and harm skin, leading to sunburn and, in some cases, the emergence of skin cancer.
  6. Smoking causes severe facial skin dryness and can even alter the colour of the skin, giving it an unpleasant and unnatural tone.

BioC - Most Effective Way of Improving Skin Health

After reading the above cause it is now clear that you have to improve your diet as well you need some extra supplements to fight the dull skin effectively. This can only be done when you include Vitamin C elements in your diet or take Vitamin C tablets. Hence, for all your skin problems, Bionutrica has brought its Vitamin C rich supplement – BioC.

BioC contains 1000mg Vitamin C in the form of effervescent tablets. The immune system’s regular operation is aided by Vitamin C, which also improves iron absorption. For your skincare routine, you can easily carry BioC in your pockets for glowing skin.

Benefits and Facts of Using BioC


  • Skin vitamins present in BioC such as Vitamins C behave as strong antioxidants that assist to decrease wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines.
  • Vitamin C is proven to boost skin hydration levels. To give you even-looking, youthful, and bright skin, our BioC is enhanced with Vitamins C for glowing skin.
  • BioC by Bionutrica helps in boosting immunity.
  • It helps in maintaining blood vessels, bones and cartilage.
  • BioC is easily digestible and good for the stomach and intestine.
  • It helps the absorption of nutrients present in food.
  • Your daily nutritional requirements of Vitamin C can be met easily, effectively, and deliciously with BioC effervescent tablets.
  • It contains organic, non-GMO ingredients which do not affect gut health.
  • No nanoparticles present
  • Free of gluten, gelatin, and lactose.

With your best interests in mind, made in Europe at a GMP facility.

Impact of Vitamin C on Health

Because of a person’s compromised immune system, vitamin C levels in the plasma and leukocytes decrease after infections and stress. When you start using the BioC supplement, the Vitamin C supplementation in it has been shown to increase immune system functions as well as skin health.

Vitamin C present in BioC has other influences on our health such as –

  • In order to defend against reactive oxygen species created by the respiratory breakout and the inflammatory response, vitamin C helps cells maintain their redox integrity.
  • For the correct function of blood vessels, bones, cartilages, gums, skin, and teeth, Vitamin C helps to build collagen normally.
  • It aids in cellular oxidative stress defence.
  • Vitamin C helps to lessen exhaustion and fatigue-related symptoms.

Procedure for Taking BioC Tablets

20 Dissolvable Tablets of BioC contain 1000 mg of Vitamin C. Remember three steps: Drop, Dissolve and Drink. Drop one tablet as per your healthcare practitioners’ advice in 250 ml of water, waiting until the tablet is completely dissolved, and then drink the mixture. For best taste and results, take BioC tablets with normal or chilled water. No, do not stir the tablets, let them dissolve on their own to keep the fizz untouched. Do not consume more than what is advised.

Why Should you use BioC from Bionutrica?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. It is given to the body’s tissues by dissolving in water, but it cannot be effectively stored for an extended period of time. As a result, including it as a regular supplement is crucial. There are several different types of vitamin C supplements. It can be difficult to select the option that is best for you. Nutritionists advise BioC because it contains the proper amount of Vitamin C to support healthy immune system function and the body’s many other functions.

FAQs Regarding BioC

Question 1 – Is BioC beneficial to the skin?

Answer – Yes, Vitamin C is a necessary ingredient for skin and hair cell growth and health. As a result, this BioC supplement is advantageous to your skin.

Question 2 – How many tablets are included in this package?

Answer – The pack includes 20 Fizzy tablets of Vitamin C; additional pack sizes are also available.

Question 3 – How much do 20 tablets cost?

Answer – Depending on where you buy it, this pack of 20 Effervescent Tablets costs £3.99.

Question 4 – What problems will BioC work on?

Answer – BioC contains Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets and is a gluten-free supplement that helps in boosting collagen for healthier skin.

Question 5 – Are there any side effects of BioC that would cause me concern?

Answer – The BioC have undergone medical trials, and there have been no negative effects reported.

Question 6 – Is it OK to take BioC Tablet with other supplements?

Answer – Before combining it with other supplements, we advise speaking with your doctor. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, or have a medical condition, talk to your gynaecologist before using this product.

Question 7 – My skin is oversensitive, can I use BioC tablets?

Answer – Definitely! These tablets are absolutely safe to use because your skin type has no impact on whether you can take these or not.

Question 8 – What is the flavour of BioC tablets?

Answer – BioC is a Orange flavoured fizzy tablet.

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