BioStrong : Calcium & Vitamin D3 (25 Chewable Cube)

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  • Calcium and Vitamin D3 chewable cubes.
  • Highly recommended for young adults and kids as it helps maintain strong bones, teeth and immune system.
  • Novel delivery system.


How To Use

Take up to 2 chews a day or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

 Typical Values  Per soft chew 4.7g NRV*
  Calcium  328mg  41%
 Vitamin D3 5mcg  100%


*Nutritional information per Chew.


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Calcium with Vitamin D3 is essential for the maintenance of normal bones & teeth. Vitamin D3 also contributes to a normal function of the Immune System.

Key Nutrients Included

Calcium Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, joints, muscles & teeth.

Vitamin D3 helps regulate calcium and phosphate absorption in food.

Common Questions

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BioStrong is an original Swiss Made unique soft chewable format, formulated with the highest quality ingredients, and scientifically supported vitamin D3 and calcium that help you live better. Its chews are a unique chewable and swallowable toffee-like formats that make ingestion easier and delicious.

BioStrong soft chews are free from gluten & gelatin, nano partials, synthetic colours with good stomach/intestine tolerance.
  1. Patient convenience: administered easily i.e., anywhere, anytime as it is easy to handle. & doesn’t require water.
  2. Better bioavailability through bypassing disintegration that increases dissolution.
  3. Fast onset of action than regular supplements Chewing is broken down in the mouth and releases their ingredients, therefore, do not have much lag time as required for the disintegration before absorption from the stomach.
  4. Faster absorption (Easier to absorb) – Micronized forms of therapeutically and physiologically active substances are incorporated into chews formulation to take advantage of the enhanced absorption characteristics of these forms. As a result of chewing the ingredient enclosed in the base is released into the saliva, so absorption through oral mucosa & GIT.
  5. Improved patient acceptance especially pediatric and during pregnancy through pleasant taste.
  6. No Pharmaceutical excipients
  1. Kids
  2. Women
  3. Elderly
  4. People with Difficulty swallowing
We at BioNutrica are focused on your overall health and wellbeing. Our products are made with care in the United Kingdom. They are all manufactured in a GMP certified facility.
Free of Nano Particles
Non-GMO Ingredients
Gluten & Lactose Free
Gelatin Free Ingredients
No Synthetic Colours
Made in Europe with care white

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Weight .120 kg
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 12 cm

5 reviews for BioStrong : Calcium & Vitamin D3 (25 Chewable Cube)

  1. Robinson

    It is very easy to take because this is a chewable calcium cube I’ve been taking these for just over one week. it is helping bones, teeth, and the immune system.

  2. Liu

    Speedy delivery, value for money, I’ve just started taking these vitamin D chewable tablets but I can feel the effects. I love the fact that it’s helpful in bone and tooth.

  3. Elaine

    Pleasant to take. I use it to help strengthen bone and overall health. It is easy to take.

  4. James Banham

    It was delivered today, so I can’t say much about its quality. But I am happy I found chewable calcium supplements.

  5. andrew squirrell

    Excellent product. I don’t have much to say, but in Calcium. I Highly recommended for young adults and kids Calcium citrate is best for that gets absorbed quickly in the blood stream and along with magnesium it’s great supplement. My mother has tried many brands. Absolutely loved this.

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